To best view this site, it is important that your monitor be properly color calibrated. Otherwise it is unlikely that the colors on this site will be reproduced properly. If you currently see two tones of gray on this page, your monitor is not color calibrated. I highly recommend X-Rite products for this purpose.


I am available for any work that you maybe interested in commissioning. Contact me with as much information as possible and I'll see what I can do for you.


All the images that are on this page or any of my related pages have all rights reserved. Any infringement will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.


I am currently starting to tackle the area of cinema using the Canon SD Mark II. However this is at its absolute infancy at this point. In the future, I hope to add cinema work to this site. Stay tuned.


If you are interested in a print, feel free to contact me. At that point we can discuss the best way to fulfill your request.


I currently only use Canon digital bodies along with lenses from both Canon and Tamron. I exclusively use Apple computers for my imaging needs.


I currently rely on Adobe Lightroom 2 for file management while using Adobe PhotoShop C54 for image manipulation . This is suplemented by several plugins from NIK and Tiffen Software.


I have no financial interest in any of the products that I mention. Along that note, all Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their proper owners and no infringement is intended.